Fits on most beds with a frame

Fits on most beds with a frame

Babybay is height adjustable and can be mounted on without any complicated tools to most bed*. It’s easy! Simply mount the two metal holders to your bed frame and babybay will be securely attached to your bed. Besides using Babybay as an attachment to your bed, it can be used as a stand alone bassinet during the day.

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* please check measurements of the height of your bed frame (not available for ensemble beds), and follow safety instructions when assembling Babybay.


Strong, durable and easy to clean

Made from solid beech

Babybay is made entirely from solid beech (not cheap “pressboard”). Constructed under stringent process, your Babybay will last for generations. The rods are strong enough to withstand extreme forces. Overview of the various models available

Overview of the various models available


Easy to install

Easy to Install

The item is easy to install and can also be use as a stable travel Bassinet. The item can be transported around easily. Part of the kit will include: a Grid frame, a base plate with four fixing jaws, 2 bed adapter, all screws an Allen Key and installation instruction.

For owner’s manual on how to install
Original Manual
Maxi Manual
Boxspring Manual


Variation - Play table and desk

Various variations

Once your baby has outgrown the babybay, the babybay original can be transformed using various accessories into a piece of furniture for the nursery. It can be transformed to a play table, kids bench, desk – it’s your choice!

Variations at a glance


Natural and ecologically

Natural and ecologically

Wood is a valuable renewable resource and Babybay is manufactured using carefully selected material and construction. Our manufacturing process is environmentally responsible without the use of noxious materials.

For every tree that is used for the manufacture of this product, we plant a new tree in order to protect the long term existence of our natural environment.


The advantages in the movie

In comparison, a typical night a mom with her newborn - with and without babybay.


Structure and operation

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