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Natural varnished * 180101 180101
White varnished * 180102 180102

The brilliant invention reinterpreted

Babybay is now available in a new modern design with the same advantages as the Original and Maxi. Choose from White or Natural.

Dimensions and weight

Bed area: 80 x 47 cm
Measurements: 84 cm long, 48.5 cm deep, 80 cm high, weight: 18 kg. The frame is made of solid beech wood.

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Assembly is child’s play …

Firmly attach the babybay using the two sturdy, patented clips to the parent's bed—it doesn’t matter if your bed frame is wide or narrow—from up or below. This allows an attachment to Mum’s bed without leaving a gap—the most important factor for a co-sleeping Bassinet.

… and adapts to every height.

The sleeping platform can be adjusted to match the height of the parent's mattress.

Here your baby is safe … and mobile

With the wooden bars your offspring can sleep safely during the day, even if you’re not lying next to him. Or move the babybay during the day in a space saving bassinet with quiet castors—so that your baby can always be near you.


* Our paints comply with European safety standard EN 71 part 3 (safety of children's toys). This is regularly checked by Babybay Germany. Babybay fulfills the European safety standard DIN EN1130-1 (Device Safety Act, especially for Cribs and cradles for domestic use).

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