Babybay Ensemble

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Natural varnished* with
extra ventilated base
166101 suitable for twins 166101
White varnished* with
extra ventilated base
166102 suitable for twins 166102
Dark Brown varnished*
with extra ventilated base
166103 suitable for twins 166103

Introducing Babybay BoxSpring - A solution for ensemble beds

If you have an ensemble, we have the Babybay Boxspring available. It has the same advantages as the Original/ Maxi but higher in height. You can choose from 3 finishes.

Dimensions and weight

95cm X 54cm x 96.5cm, Weight – 18 kgs
The unit is made of solid beech wood.

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Easy to attach to your ensemble bed

With an ensemble bed, we have an alternate way to attach the BabyBay BoxSpring to your bed, the attachment is clamped on the opposite side of the bed so that Babybay Boxspring. The unit uses a belt with clamping plate to attach to each babybay box spring.


* Our paints comply with European safety standard EN 71 part 3 (safety of children's toys). This is regularly checked by Babybay Germany. Babybay fulfills the European safety standard DIN EN1130-1 (Device Safety Act, especially for Cribs and cradles for domestic use).

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