A canopy for added security

You can decorate your babybay by adding a canopy, this also helps in protecting your baby from sunlight and draft. A range of colours are available for you to choose from.



With the closure grid and roller set, the babybay will convert to a full bassinet. You can push your baby around during the day in the house and they can also sleep soundly without supervision.

Wooden Bar Original Maxi
Natural Varnished 100206 160201
White Varnished 100202 160202
Drak Brown Varnished 100203 160203
Oiled Beech 160204
Roller Set (Item No. 100400)


Kids bench

Without additional accessories, babybay can be converted to a comfortable children’s bench. The seat height is easily adjustable with your child height.

Play table and desk

Babybay can be converted to a play table or desk for your child when they are ready for school. The table is height adjustable .


See how Babybay can be transformed


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